Registration Cancellation & Refunds

This help instructions is also available to watch in video format here

In certain scenarios a delegate may request to cancel their registration or reservation, but the refunds process is based on the event registration and cancellation policies.
If the cancellation policy allows the refunds then we can process a full or partial refund after the registration/reservation is cancelled.

So first let's see how we can cancel a registration first, log in to MasterBadge Control Center > choose the event or conference, then click on registrations and find the delegate you want to cancel his/her registration using the search and filters available ( Find Delegate Topic Here )
Once the registration is found click the edit icon next to delegate name, then click on "Cancel Registration" red icon on the top

a confirmation message will appear to confirm the cancellation, to confirm press "Yes" to cancel the registration, if the registration is a paid registration then the refund process will start otherwise the registration will be immediately cancelled.

Note: in most cases, the cancellation is made instant and you don’t need to do refunds immediately, So you can cancel the registration and create a PENDING refund request to be processed later.

In the refund request creation process, the screen will display the information related the payment with either the credit card number in which the registration was used to pay for or the cash receipt number if the payment was made by cash. You will need to provide a note briefly explaining about the refund request then press "Confirm Cancellation", this process will generate a money refund request transaction which can be processed later at any time based on the event organizer policy.

To find the generated refund requests, navigate to "Payments" from the left menu then click on the "Refund Requests" button, all the PENDING requests will appear by default, if you want to see voided/Refunded requests use the filter options.

Once the Actual refund is done by your accountant, please ensure you have already made the actual refund using your connected bank account or by cash then Click on a PENDING request to process the refund

once the actual refund is made you can mark this request as Refunded by clicking the "Refund" button in this screen, in the refund screen it will prompt you to enter the amount refunded which can be equal or less than the paid amount only.

If you would like to notify the delegate about the complete of his/her refund request, check the "Notify Delegate" checkbox, the system will send an email confirmation to the delegate that his refund was processed already.

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